Our Mission

Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) is an independent, nonprofit corporation working to catalyze employers, public purchasers and others to implement strategies that produce higher-value health care and improve the functioning of the health care marketplace.

CPR’s efforts all drive toward three strategic goals, which will in turn help us achieve our broader mission of building a higher value health care system for our members and other health care stakeholders:

  • Innovative Health Care Purchasers: Health care purchasers will become more educated and activated on the use of benefit designs, payment methods, and other tactics that support higher value health care.
  • Better Health Care Marketplace: Through greater visibility and competition, the health care marketplace will be more responsive to the needs of those who use and pay for health care.

Visit each section of our website to learn more about the specific projects and offerings that support these three goals.

Our History

In the late 1990's, many of the participants in Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) envisioned that purchasers would need to push for a series of changes to enhance the functioning of the health care marketplace. Using the leverage of large purchasers to instigate change has been successful over the last decade. The Leapfrog Group, Bridges to Excellence, eValue8, and Prometheus Payment Inc., all provide examples.

These organizations laid the groundwork for CPR, which was conceived of by employers in 2009 due to widespread agreement that the current payment system creates a significant barrier to improving the value of health care in the United States.

CPR is supported by foundations and health care purchasers, among others.