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Summer Series 2016


 Addressing Today’s Leading Challenges


 CPR’s August Webinars for Employers and Other Health Care Purchasers




Throughout the month of August, CPR hosted a series of webinars on health care issues keeping purchasers up at night because of the anxiety they produce and how rapidly the landscape is changing: Telehealth, Behavioral Health, Maternity Care, and Employee Engagement. Experts from our member benefits consulting firms – Aon Hewitt, Mercer, and Willis Towers Watson – and from Equity Healthcare explored solutions in these areas. Access the webinars below.




Telehealth: State of the Art and What’s Next [Program Completed. Access recording here]

The use of telehealth is expanding, but has not yet reached its potential when it comes to consumer utilization and cost savings promised by vendors and health plans. Yet, it will continue to grow for a variety of reasons, including the desire to expand options for direct communications between patients and providers. Linh Tacker, from Aon Hewitt, shared current telehealth trends and strategies that could help telehealth have its desired impact as a less expensive, popular option for consumers.





Behavioral Health: Understanding Costs and Reframing Solutions[Program Completed. Access recording here] 

Behavioral health and medical services have long been in two silos. However, things are changing fast. With costs increasing and more attention on the quality of care, there is a desire to integrate behavioral health with medical care, requiring new ways to structure employee benefits and provider payment. Expert on total health management, Sandra Kuhn, of Mercer, covered this challenging topic, exploring new strategies that employers are attempting and other methods that could bend the cost trend and improve care.




Maternity Care: New Strategies for Cost Effective Care[Program Completed. Access recording here]

Maternity care has been a pressure point for employers ever since the significant rise in the rate of cesarean sections and other interventions that have questionable value. In response, employers and health plans have attempted to motivate providers and consumers to use evidence-based approaches. Still, variation in quality and the high cost of maternity care continue to challenge many employers and other health care purchasers.  Experts Jeff Levin-Scherz, from Willis Towers Watson, and Dr. Malini Nijagal, an Obstetrician at Boston Medical Center, shared observations about what’s behind current practices along with new strategies that employers and payers can implement.





Innovative Care Management and Navigation: Equity Healthcare’s Approach[Program Completed. Access recording here]

In 2008, The Blackstone Group launched Equity Healthcare to help manage healthcare spending across its portfolio of U.S. companies. Since then, Equity Healthcare (EH) has grown to support over 40 companies and 300,000 lives, consistently delivering below-benchmark trends through innovative benefit designs and care management. In 2016, EH re-thought its model, and will be delivering an innovative approach to care management and navigation for its member companies in 2017.  COO Andreas Mang discussed what they’re up to and hear about their plans for the future.