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Design and experiment with new solutions



How many purchasers does it take to solve a health care challenge?
Six brains are better than one.


Work alongside your peers and industry experts to test solutions,
share experiences, and develop a game plan to tackle
your biggest health care challenges.


What to expect during the collaborative experience

Join Forces with Peers
Participate in a workgroup with 5-6 purchasers over the course
of a year to tackle a specific health care purchasing challenge.

Benefit from Subject Matter Expertise
Access to a dedicated expert who will provide group consulting
and technical assistance.

Share Experiences
Hear directly from seasoned purchasers and learn from each other
as you determine your own path forward.

Develop an Action Plan
Walk away with both a clear implementation and an evaluation plan,
so you can take action at your organization.


Learn more about participating in a collaborative and getting involved.

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What Is the Catalyst Lab Mission?

To create a space where health care purchasers can learn about, design, and experiment
with solutions that will change the market and create a higher-value health care system.