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What does it take to be a high-value purchaser?
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The Catalyst Lab is building an interactive online curriculum to help you
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We are designing education to meet you where you are.
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100-Level Course
Introduction to High-Value Purchasing
"What is going on in the health care marketplace today,
how is it impacting me, and what can I do about it?"


A course designed for purchasers wanting to:

Understand the role they can play in shaping the health care system
to meet their needs

Take initial steps toward implementing high-value strategies



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200-Level Course
Becoming an Advanced Purchaser
"I'm ready to try or am already attempting high-value purchasing,
but I'm unsure how to move forward or if my current approach is working."


A course designed for purchasers wanting to:

Develop an advanced understanding of high-value strategies,
including how to navigate challenges

Understand complex market dynamics
Evaluate success



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300-Level Course
Special Topics in Health Care Purchasing
"I want to go deeper on a specific health care purchasing topic."


A course designed to provide purchasers with:

Critical information they need to understand, implement, and evaluate
approaches to addressing a specific health care challenge
(e.g. telehealth or specialty pharmacy)



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What Is the Catalyst Lab Mission?

To create a space where health care purchasers can learn about, design, and experiment
with solutions that will change the market and create a higher-value health care system.