The State Laws Impacting Healthcare Cost and Quality (SLIHCQ) Database

State laws and regulations governing healthcare can vary greatly and have the potential to impede or facilitate improvements to the functioning of the healthcare marketplace.

The Database of State Laws Impacting Healthcare Cost and Quality (SLIHCQ), created by The Source on Healthcare Price & Competition and Catalyst for Payment Reform with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, catalogues state legislation to contain healthcare costs and improve quality in a searchable and sortable, public database. These laws impact price transparency, provider market power, provider payment, provider networks, and benefit design. The purpose of the database is to help purchasers, states, and policy makers understand their legal and regulatory environment as they make efforts to improve access, quality, and efficiency and reduce costs in health care. *Note: Current legislative session bill updates are ongoing. Check back weekly for updates. 

The Database utilizes key issue tags for all legislation as a guide for users to quickly identify important topics (see guide below). Search the Database for specific bills, statutes, or cases by key issue category, keyword, and/or jurisdiction. *Multiple filter/selections enabled.

 Learn more about your state’s legal and regulatory environment today!


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